The thing about male violence #1

Photos of two young girls are circulated with the caption “police are extremely concerned for two missing schoolgirls”.

Why so concerned?

Do they think the teenagers will be unable to feed themselves and starve to death?

Do they think they might wander on to a road and be knocked down?

Do they think that they might go shopping with parents’ credit cards and bankrupt the families?

Is it because they haven’t done their geography homework assignments?

hrimfaxi missing girls

It appears the girls arranged to meet a man. We knew a man would be involved. That is why the police are so worried.

Because in this year so far an estimated 28,000 women and young girls will have been raped while around 40 women will have been murdered (going on previous years’ statistics).

By men.

Missing girls.  I hope they come home. I hope they don’t join the horrific statistics of male violence against women and girls.

Note: statistics from Women’s Aid and the Femicide Census

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